Contributors: Warren Taylor,
James Hibberd, Narlan Matos,
Piers Armstrong and Rogério Filho
Caetano Veloso
(1968) Philips / Universal

1 Tropicália
2 Clarice
3 No dia em que eu vim-me embora
4 Alegria, alegria
5 Onde andarás
6 Anunciação
7 Superbacana
8 Paisagem útil
9 Clara
10 Soy loco por ti, América
11 Ave-Maria
12 Eles

Tropicália is often described as the allegorical song-manifesto of the movement with which it shares its name, although Caetano Veloso has been at pains to play this down and emphasises the spontaneity of its creation. Nonetheless, the song is an icon of the movement, opening with a parody of a historic open letter to the Portuguese King by a early explorer describing he cornucopia of then virgin Brazil, it moves into a disjointed narrative contrasting the rustic poverty and dictatorial modernism of the late 1960s, and ends with a word play between contemporary rockers, viva a banda-da-da, Carmen Miranda-da-da and dada.