2009 © Rogério Duarte & The Narrows
Project instigated by Warren Taylor, James Hibberd, Narlan Matos and Rogério Duarte Fihlo

Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol
(‘God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun’)
Directed by Glauber Rocha
1964, 74 x 108 cm


Rogério Duarte was friends from youth with Glauber Rocha, who was to become the foremost film-maker of his generation. The two collaborated together on many projects in Bahia and later in Rio, and shared artistic ideas and musical tastes. Rogério created the poster for Rocha’s first film Deus e o Diabo em na Terra do Sol (‘God and the Devil in the land of the Sun’), a true icon of Brazilian design and an emblem of its era. The poster, like much of his work in that time, was manually constructed by imposing one visual element upon another, even using a repeatedly rotated animal tooth to create the rays in the ultimate magenta layer. The movie itself was a primitive and collaborative depiction of a couple’s rebellion from rural poverty and descent into millenarian fantasy, psychosis and outlawry in the blasted arid sertão of Bahia’s interior. The film pioneered Cinema Novo, which articulated the contradictions of the country through visionary prisms akin to neo-realism, surrealism and Rogério himself (by no coincidence).