Contributors: Warren Taylor,
James Hibberd, Narlan Matos,
Piers Armstrong and Rogério Filho


Flor do Mal ( Flower of Evil ), 1971
Created by Luiz Carlos Maciel, Rogério Duarte and poets Tito de Lemos and Torquato Mendonça.
Courtesy of Rogério Duarte

Flor do Mal was an alternative newspaper iniated as a platform for young artists (many of who were active in the underground Tropicália movement ) to express views
outside of the mainstream press.The title suggests the blooming of free speech under the suffocation of military dictatorship. Themes included art, counterculture and
behavior related to a “new vision”: psychiatry, sexuality, Orientalism, drama, drugs and astrology. Contributors included Antonio Bivar, Joel M, Waly Salomão, José Simão Antônio Capinam, Célia Maria.